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Presence status

Phone: +47 22906700
Name Status Expected return
Tom Gustavsen Present
Aksel Rohde Heramb Present (working at home)
Kristin H. Jørgensen Absent 31.07.2017 08:00
Cathrine Johansen Present
Jan Ove Aarstad Present
Dag Jøran Hoel Present (working at home)
Knut Østby Present (business trip)
Tom Hansen Present
Tommy Flovild Engebretsen Present (working at home)
Lars Bjønnes Present (working at home)
Per Olof Halvarsson Present
Øystein Gregers Lindbjør Absent (holiday) 24.07.2017
  • Present

  • Present

  • Absent

The list shows you who is available at the moment. For more information and the opportunity to contact the individual click on the name.

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Better overview

tidBANK provides thousands of users a better overview. Information on who is present on our website is retrieved from a web service in tidBANK. Besides complete information in the application, similar information can be presented in your Intranet, portals or on your web site.