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Presence status

Phone: +47 22906700
Name Status Expected return
Tom Gustavsen Absent 23.08.2017 08:00
Aksel Rohde Heramb Absent 23.08.2017 08:00
Kristin H. Jørgensen Absent 23.08.2017 08:00
Cathrine Johansen Absent 23.08.2017 08:00
Jan Ove Aarstad Absent 23.08.2017 08:00
Dag Jøran Hoel Absent (*) 23.08.2017 08:00
Knut Østby Absent 24.08.2017 10:00
Tom Hansen Absent 24.08.2017 09:00
Tommy Flovild Engebretsen Absent 24.08.2017 09:00
Lars Bjønnes Absent 02.10.2017
Per Olof Halvarsson Absent 23.08.2017 10:00
Øystein Gregers Lindbjør Absent 23.08.2017 09:00
  • Present

  • Present

  • Absent

The list shows you who is available at the moment. For more information and the opportunity to contact the individual click on the name.

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Better overview

tidBANK provides thousands of users a better overview. Information on who is present on our website is retrieved from a web service in tidBANK. Besides complete information in the application, similar information can be presented in your Intranet, portals or on your web site.