Visitor management

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Time to replace the guest book?

onVisit is a modern application for registration of visitors. It replaces the guest book you may have put forward today to keep track of visitors?

onVisit and tidBANK - tightly integrated

onVisit integrated with tidBANK also provides a better solution than having a separate program for visitor registration at the reception. All employees can have access to register their visitors themselves in the tidBANK menu.

Infokiosk for onVisit besøksregistrering tett integrert med tidBANK

Receptionist and colleagues will then see who is waiting for the visit, without having to send e-mail or message to them. Simple and safe, like good safety practices require.


Departure from the site is either registered by receptionist or host, so that the guest will be signed out. It creates history of visits. This is easy searchable, and contact information is re-used on the next visit.


onVisit sends a message to the employee when the visit has arrived. Username and password to the guest network may also be sent by SMS.

onVisit sender melding til ansatt når besøket har ankommet. Brukernavn og passord til gjestenett sendes også på SMS

Visitor parking permit

Receptionist gives visitor- and parking permit with your company logo. These are printed on a label printer located behind the reception desk.

Vi anbefaler Dymp Label printere. Rimelig og gleksible printere for besøks- og parkeringslapper

Why choose onVisit?

  • Fast and professional management of visitors.
  • Full listing of who is visiting.
  • Guest Network gives the visitor access to corporate guest network.
  • Self registration reduce waiting times at reception.
  • Pre-Registration of visitors for receptionist and other employees.
  • Flexible reporting including evacuation list and visit history.
  • Notification to the one who is being visited on SMS and/or e-mail.
  • Printing of visitor- and parking permit with your company logo.
  • Adaptable for several companies with a shared reception.
  • Integrated with Microsoft Active Directory and tidBANK to update employee information.
  • Web-based solution with web services for easy intregration with other systems.
  • Self-Registration module uses Microsoft Silverlight for optimal usability.


Infokiosk for onVisit besøksregistrering tett integrert med tidBANK

Self-Registration is designed so that visitors easily can sign in. After writing your name and chosen contact, a visitors permit is printed out and the contact person is notified by email or SMS that the guest has arrived. The eventual parking permit is made out to guests arriving by car. Are you being visited from abroad? No problem, the language can be changed in the self-registration image with a single keystroke.

Reception Module

Reception module shows which customers are visiting, who will arrive during the day and the guests who have been visiting. Reception continuously update the list of who leaves the premises. Reception or other staff can also pre-register guests and print visitor- and parking permit which is then ready when guests arrive.

Evacuation List

This list shows the overview of all guests in the building and meet the requirements for evacuation and safety. The list is retrieved through the browser and can be easily printed.