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Budgeting of hours spent on tasks and activities

The module for time allocation in tidBANK® contains functionality to budget hours on activities and tasks in the departments. Projects and key tasks that needs to be followed-up, is budgeted with hours per month.

Budsjettering tidBANK

Each department can budget their tasks from the available hours each month, which tidBANK® estimates based on current working arrangements for employees and average estimates of absence. This provides the department with a good overview of the resource needs in the budget year with follow-up and current status in real time.

As the hours are distributed throughout the year, data can be retrieved in reports, Excel, web services and database view for comparison with time budgets. The data can also be matched with real presence time.

Less work

By allocating hours on activities in the same application as the presence time is recorded in daily, users of tidBANK experience less work with writing the time sheets for projects and tasks.