tidBANK time and attendance, sick follow up, time reporting

Mission statement and vision

tidBANK is developed by Norsk Tid as and has been on the market for 10 years. All developing, installation, upgrades, service and support is being handled solely by us. Thus we ensure that we deliver the best product for your company. We give you back the time - tidBANK administers it for you!

Our vision is to deliver competence for development of a positive time culture in companies. Our business idea is to offer applications and services companies need to manage time resources and achievement capability in the organisation. Our values are founded on the desire to be long term, solid, reliable and forthcoming.

Norsk Tid as has developed and delivered system solutions for time managing in companies and public sector since 1992. Norsk Tid as active owners have experience from the trade since pre-1980, and have participated in introducing better routines to more than 700 clients in Norway and Sweden. The company is owned by four of the employees.

Fasade øst


To be able to offer local assistance, we have established cooperations with partners across the country. Partners are qualified to take care of installation, technical support and handle quality assurance of the delivery. Our partners.

Quality assurance

The feedback from our clients show that we succeed in satisfying their needs for speedy and qualified support. This is organised to meet the demands in Statens standardavtaler/IKT-avtalen, but with addition of support and deviation reports according to our own routines for quality assurance.