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Our services include consultant assistance, counseling, support services, course offerings, training, technical support and development assignments:

Do you have a problem and need help?

In order to give you a quick reply and help, we encourage you to send your question to us by using this form or call us on +47 22906700.

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We fokus on helping you to achieve success in your own company.

If you need professional counseling and customizing of tidBANK, please get in touch with us so we can contribute to giving you full use of the functionality.

To get full use of tidBANK it is important to have updated competence in the area and know all the possibilities that tidBANK can offer.

In addition to the scheduled plan, individual training in compliance to your needs can be arranged.

Our products are a successful result of letting high professional competence melt together with our clients demands for functionality.

If you have special requests that you wish to share with us, we appreciate if you start by sending us these via this form.

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+47 22906700

Our support department manages the contract you have with us regarding support and maintenance

Everything to give you the best possible assistance when you need it, and so you continuously will benefit form the investment you have made. Read more about our support services to the left.