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Registration and overview where you need it, when you need it

With tidBANK your employees, if desired, gets the ability to sign in/out, spread the hours on the project and an unrivaled overview of their own time, regardless of time and place.

Time recording equipment

Registration of time and absence can in tidBANK be made from all types of equipment with web browser. This supports the central idea that a modern tidsystem must be available where and when the job is done. To make this easy, a time terminal with a card reader can be mounted at the entrances, in common software for personal computers, information kiosks and mobile phones, so the registrations can be made continuously wherever the tasks are carried out or where you're headed.

Registration methods:

Proximity card or magnetic stripe card

Is it desirable to use touch-free or traditional magnetic stripe cards, we support this as well.

With our time terminals, there is no reason to think about maintenance or updating of the software, tidBANK does for you (fully automatic).