Time reporting

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tidBANK® makes it easy

When tidBANK® is used for presence registration, it will automatically calculate the correct number of hours attended for each employee, every day. Businesses that are required by law and/or need to follow up on resource use, can use tidBANK® to allocate hours of activities and tasks. Participants in the projects and other employees may be linked to a requirement to distribute the entire or part of the real present time.

By using tidBANK® for time registration, one avoids post-registration. Post-registration requires that the employee keeps track of the present time itself, calculates the hours and writes the results correctly. Post-registration is quickly characterized by "effort" and inaccuracy, which is in strong contrast to the registration that takes place continuously. Using a single application for all registration and distribution of hours, is perceived as a major simplification.

tidBANK® reminds users if presence time is not distributed, so all are encouraged to allocate hours daily.

Timerapportering uke tidBANK

Project managers and financial officers are given, with all the registration procedures are collected in tidBANK®, a daily updated hour-to-date basis with good quality for post-calculation and accounting/billing.

The user needs only confirm or divide the hours of several of the pre-selected and frequently used tasks.

Real distributed time can be divided up in reports, Excel format and in terms of database view. This makes it easy to meet the requirements for the reporting basis for the participants, department-/project managers and finance- and project systems.

tidBANK® complies with the Finance Ministry's regulations on time sheets for service in a way that does not create extra work - just a better overview.

The module for time distribution also includes the possibility of budgeting hours on activities and tasks per month. See separate page with information about the budget module.

Less work

By allocating hours on activities in the same application as the presence time is recorded in daily, users of tidBANK experience less work with writing the time sheets for projects and tasks.