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tidBANK® is a flexible software for time recording and time reporting, which fits everything from small businesses to large multinational companies.

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We give you back the time - tidBANK administers it for you!

Please contact us for demo and a short or a thorough introduction. Below you can click to learn what tidBANK contains and how it can help you:

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Our customers report that they have achieved surprisingly large improvements:

  • Quickly earned investment due to fewer errors in hourly basis to wage/absence
  • Access to new information of great practical utility for resource management and analysis of organizational performance
  • Satisfied employees and managers, who are experiencing trust, openness, flexibility and equality
  • Better customer service with the presence status
  • The solution is web based, allowing easy installation/operation and convenient integration with intranets and portals

What the customers are saying.

Need to keep track of flexible working hours, get a better overview of sick leave and overtime?

  • tidBANK is a further development of traditional systems for time registration.
  • Working plans and regulations are defined in the database.
  • Continuous registration of deviations in the form of IN/OUT registration, absence or overtime/extras forms the basis for calculating the correct hour basis to pay and absence.
  • Removes routines based on post-registration.
  • Registered attendance can be distributed to dimensions like department, tasks and project activities.
  • The data is certified in a clear, electronic routine, which ensures good quality before export to other systems, such as payroll, absence management, project management and finance/accounting.

Click to learn about time and attendance here.

Reporting work hours should be easy, motivating and done quickly

When tidBANK is used for presence registration, the correct amount of hours attended each day for each employee is automatically registered.

Businesses that are required by law or have a need to monitor resource use, can use tidBANK to allocate hours of activities and tasks.

Participants in the projects and other employees may be linked to a requirement to allocate all or part of the real presence time.

Click to learn about time reporting here.

Better overview for all

tidBANK gives thousands of daily users a better overview. For example, the information about who is present on our website is collected via a web service in tidBANK. Besides complete information in tidBANK, similar information can be presented in your Intranet or different portals. Or on your website if you have use of showing who is present.

Good and flexible reports

tidBANK contains a large number of flexible report templates for time recording and time reporting. These can be customized and built up according to individual needs, and together provide an unknown number of report options. The templates have been created by requests from our customers. They therefore provide access to retrieve many relevant surveys for employees, managers and management based on access rights. The finished report templates make it easy to select an appropriate report form and define the content without the need for assistance from us.

tidBANK also includes a balance bank, which at one click provides complete overview of the situation so far this year.

Statistics in real time

In tidBANK get statistics reports in real time without waiting. That means you no longer need to wait for the end of the wage period or run heavy, time-consuming processes to get the overtime and sick leave statistics.

The stats can be made available for those who need them. This enables managers and employees to independently extract the information they need. This provides better control on a daily basis without having to ask the administration about it.

Electronic workflow with attestation and locking in compliance with accounting and auditing requirements.

Heavy manual procedures involving paper has long been replaced. In a transparent, electronic routine data is approved and certified. This ensures good quality before export to other systems such as payroll, absence management, project management and finance/accounting. Number of certificate levels are configurable.

Budgeting with the proper basis and follow-up in real time

With tidBANK each department can budget their tasks from the available hours each month. These are estimated by tidBANK based on current working arrangements for employees and the average estimates of absence. This provides the department with a good overview of the resource needs of the budget year.

Click to learn about budgeting here.

Registration and overview where you need it, when you need it

With tidBANK the employees are given the possibility to sign in/out, spread the hours on the project and an get an unrivaled overview of their own time, regardless of time and place.

Registration can take place at:

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  • PC via the web application directly via the Intranet and/or Internet
  • Cell phone/smart phone (iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Android etc.)
  • Personalized terminal with touch screen, identification via pin code or card reader
  • Standard terminal with touch screen

Click to learn about the various terminal options here.

tidBANK allows the individual to choose language in the application

Users can choose between Norwegian bokmål, Nynorsk, Sami, Swedish or English.

Additional languages can easily be added as soon as the need arises for one or more of our customers.

Once a language is selected one place, the users dialogue with terminals, as well as via mobile, change accordingly.

Several of our customers have found that competing systems do not support multiple languages and therefore chosen tidBANK.

Acquisition and management tailored to your needs

Larger companies may benefit from having the application in their own house.

For smaller companies it might be useful to not have to think of investment, installation and operational issues.

We even rent out tidBANK access to smaller customers, but also cooperate with many of the nation's leading providers of central IT operations services.

Contact us today and we will be able to quickly recommend the best and cheapest solution.

tidBank® is a web application that replaces manual routines of post-registering with modern procedures for continuous registration in the browser-based equipment. By defining working arrangements and rules for monitoring of time off, vacation, sick leave and overtime in tidBANK, a uniform application of regulations is ensured in all departments and that there are no errors in the wage base.

The electronic certificate routines simplifies life for the leaders by providing useful overview of the differences and use of time in the department. An example is the overall work process for the administration of holidays, which gives the business a unified procedure for application, electronic authentication and updated holiday schedule, and also a list of vacation days used and still available. Another example is electronic attestation routine of time sheets each pay period. This simplifies for the management while ensuring quality of data and allows for the export of data to payroll/personal system. Thereby saving the time of administration.

personal time balance bank

Information about the use of time can always be retrieved from the database, regardless of day shifts and salary processes. Whether in their own bank balance, through notifications of variance or by using the numerous report templates that can be extracted according to defined access rights and periods. This ensures that everyone has control over their own conditions when it comes to their sick days, percent of their sick leave, child sickness, leave and overtime - as well as show times, balance and flex time off days.

Time reporting on tasks and projects in a faster and easier way than by post-registration of timesheets. tidBANK is filling in the correct attendance per day in a time sheet which is then adjusted by the user. This method, along with an alert from tidBANK when hours are not distributed, provides more accurate and more updated timesheets.

Hours can be budgeted for all tasks, projects and departments. For those who need to estimate the time spent on their tasks and projects, this can be defined per month for the departments concerned, and then be compared with correct time distributed month by month.

Simple or Advanced?

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Whether you need a simple time system to keep track of flex work hours, or a complex program for managing time resources, budgeting and allocation of hours on projects/tasks, as well as processing visitors, we have the solution for you!

Rent access to tidBANK!

We also offer rental of access to tidBANK using the browser. This will provide fast and affordable access to advanced functionality, without any investment and attention to installation and operational issues. Rental of access can be the best choice for small and medium-sized businesses looking for new value from day one, and will use our expertise for the definition of rules and conduct customized training by the lecturer.

Mobile, smartphones and iPad

tidBANK time and attendance on iPad

tidBANK works well on different mobile phones and smart phones like HTC, iPhone, and naturally also iPad.