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General Manager

  • Tom Gustavsen is our general manager, but is also operative in sales. Tom has over 30 years of industry experience.


Customer support

  • Kristin Hagberg Jørgensen has the professional responsibility in the team. Kristin has extensive experience in human resources/payroll and also assists the product development with unsurpassed expertise in these areas.

  • Jan Ove Aarstad has extensive experience in personnel/payroll and works with customer support, training and education.

  • Cathrine Johansen joined us in May 2013.

  • Tom Hansen is Microsoft certified in many areas. Tom has extensive experience and technical support as a specialty.

  • Dag Jøran Hoel has 25 years of industry experience and advises on technical oriented questions.

  • Knut Egil Østby begynte i bransjen i 1980 og har bred faglig og teknisk erfaring. Knut ivaretar også administrasjonsrutinene hos oss.


  • Tommy Flovild Engebretsen leads the development team consisting of internal and external developers. Tommy is tidBANK's father and the company's chief evangelist. Along with the rest of the team he represents a broad interdisciplinary expertise. Tommy has previously been responsible for training and sales.

  • Lars Bjønnes has been with the firm for many years and assists with the most complex tasks.

  • Per Olof Halvarsson working on development and has since 2008 been responsible for the terminal software.


  • Tom Gustavsen, chairman of the board and owner
  • Dag J. Hoel, owner
  • Knut E. Østby, owner
  • Tommy F. Engebretsen, owner


  • Tom Gustavsen, Sales
  • Tommy F. Engebretsen, Development
  • Kristin Hagberg Jørgensen, Support

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