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Where to find us

Our office is located at Helsfyr in Oslo, with the entrance in the middle of the square called Fyrstikktorget.


Visit address
Grenseveien 107, 0663 Oslo

Post address
Pb.6328 Etterstad, 0604 Oslo, Norway


Switchboard: +4722906700

Getting there/transport

Just outside Fyrstikktorget you will find Helsfyr station, one of Oslo's metro hubs. In addition to the subway, there are several bus lines, and airport shuttle. can help you find the best and shortest route. Alternatively, you can use the function for directions in the map. If you are driving, there are two parking lots: one on the front of the Fyrstikktorget (2 hours) and a larger parking lot at the rear of the building. This is accessible via Grenseveien, Grønvoll Allé (the first road to left past Fyrstikkalléen school).

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