tidBANK tidsregistrering, sykefraværsoppfølging, timerapportering

tidBANK® is developed by Norsk Tid as and has been on the market since 1997. All developing, installation, upgrades, service and support is being handled solely by us. Thus we ensure that we deliver the best product for your company.

We give you back the time - tidBANK administers it for you!

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Learn how we and tidBANK® can help you.

To register in real time is far more efficient than doing it afterwards. We have developed tidBANK based on this reality. By using our routines you can register continuously on terminals and all types of equipment with browsers, either via network, internet og mobile net.

Touch terminal tidBANK

tidBank® is a web application that replaces subsequent routines for manual registration with modern routines for continuous registration. By defining work time agreements and rules for follow up on time off, vacation, sick leave and overtime in tidBANK, an equal practice of the rules and guidelines in all departments is ensured and there will be no errors in the salary basis.

What we offer

tidBANK gives leaders and employees new knowledge on how they use their time. Our clients tell us they have achieved big improvements and cost reductions in their company.

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