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Making registration work in real time is far more efficient than to post-register. We have developed tidBANK® just based on this reality. With the help of our procedures you can do the registration continuously on terminals and all types of equipment with browsers, whether it be via computer network, Internet or mobile networks.

tidBANK® provides managers and employees with new knowledge about the use of time.

Our customers report that they have achieved surprisingly large improvements:

time and attendance tidBANK
  • Quickly earned investment by fewer errors in hourly basis to pay/absence.
  • Access to new information of great practical utility for managing resources and analysis of organizational performance.
  • Satisfied employees and managers, who are experiencing trust, openness, flexibility and equality.
  • Better customer service with the presence status, which gives an overview of real time accessibility.
  • Less double registration as tidBANK® update systems such as Outlook/Exchange, payroll, personnel, finance, project planning and shifts.

Removes routines based on post-registration

tidBANK® is a further development of traditional systems for time registration. Working plans and regulations are defined easily in the system. Continuous registration of deviations in the form of IN/OUT registration, absence or overtime/extras forms the basis for calculating true hour basis to pay and absence. tidBANK® removes routines based on post-registration.

Synergy effects

Registered attendance can be distributed (time reporting) to dimensions like department, tasks and project activities. The data is certified in a clear, electronic routine, which ensures good quality before export to other systems, such as payroll, absence management, project management and finance/accounting.

A personal balance bank

Personal balance bank

Each user gets a personal balance bank in which they themselves can monitor the number of vacation days remaining, overtime, sick leave and more.

Time terminals, mobile phones, web interface

Registration is done continuously on a PC, common PCs, mobile phones and other portable equipment with web browser. Or on our time terminals with a card reader for ID cards and proximity cards.

Click to learn about the various terminal options here.

Simple or Advanced?

Terminal Unitech MR540 tidBANK

Whether you need a simple time system to keep track of flex work hours, or a complex program for managing time resources, budgeting and allocation of hours on projects/tasks, as well as processing visitors, we have the solution for you!